Wednesday, January 09, 2008

about a dodge...

Okay, so I know there was no horse shoe in my butt when I was born but seriously some days I wonder how crazy things happen to me. Today is a story about a dodge. Once upon a time I had never owned a new vehicle. Being pregnant with my third child, my husband bought me a lease buy back mini van that was a year old. After being left starnded on the highway several times, we did convince the dealer that the vehicle was a piece of junk. Maybe that was their ploy...sell us crap so we come back and exchange it for the brand new 10 thousand dollar more van.
So all preggers we have a freak freezing rain storm and I get in an accident with my new van. I jump out and I'm like oh my gosh, my husband is going to kill me...then the other driver is like OMG!!!! YOu're pregnant! I was a little in shock then I thought oh crap! My baby! Porter arrived via emergency cesarean...fat and healthy.
So the van gets fixed. Then shortly after we get it back all pretty our foster kid takes it out for a joy ride...minor damage but its fine.
Six months later it gets taken again and written off! My 48 months of payments loom above me as I watch it get towed to the wreckers. So then I buy (my third silver dodge caravan)van I have now. I am pregnant with Vaughn and take it to his God parents wedding as I did the wedding cake.
When I wake up in the morning prego brain grabs me and I can't recall where I parked. After a fruitless search I think oh crap! I never checked in with the desk...maybe they towed it!
So I check with the desk and they don't tow but she casually says maybe it was stolen. HUH??? ANd after frantically arriving at the church on time and then getting back to the hotel, security knocks on my door and takes me to see a video...of my car being stolen!
Maybe it is the silver color I don't know. So anyway, we get it home with a screw driver for a key, plastic on the windows and no stereo but insurance fixes it but it never runs the same again.
Yesterday, I am coming home after dropping the kids at school after the dentist and some guy rips through the school zone and turns right into my lane side swiping my silver mini van...writing it off.
Up side, I get a new van and was looking at one at the dealer's anyway. SO this guy kind of did me a favor lol!
I hope everyone else finds themselves as lucky as I have been!
please join in 52 weeks and don't forget to post. A day late due to my accident but week two is:
Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal. Henry Ford


Linda said...

OMG maybe you should drive something other than a silver dodge a huge SUV!!!!

Linda said...

hey, I keep trying to post on here but it won't let me so instead of doing a big long post and story, I'm just testing.