Thursday, January 24, 2008

Denver, happy mail 52 weeks and 365 days!

This is a serious photo post! I have almost finished my DENVER album! So check out the lovelies! I still have some pages to finish but wanted to share what I have so far.

This is the front cover and first page. I used a hambly transparency and my CIRCLE (I know u love it Karla!) punch to put one of everyone in each circle. The facing page is all our shoes at the front door. The little journal circle says:
Paradise found: there was no beach or fabulous tan but I found paradise amongst the shoes for it meant I was surrounded by friends.

This first one is of Amber, I funked it out cuz this lady has some funky style!

This is Chrissy, supermom and world traveler, and who cares what they boys say Chris, we love your sunglasses and your hair! Boys are silly heads!
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Jude played along and "Requested" a kissy face picture! I was so honored! make me pee my pants!The kids are always asking for a Karla story.

And're so beautiful, I snuck a 2nd page on this little transparency in here right in the middle of the other two! The rest of you all are beautiful too...sorry I was being shy (ha ha I know!) and I got a chance to talk to some more than others.

Kim is fabulous and my page says so! This photo was taken the day we all found out about her fab news...go check it on her blog and our prayers are working cuz her little miracle is coming on just fine!

The one and only who put it all together, the hostess with the mostess...hey what was the deal with the cup cake photo? I forgot to ask then I loved it when I was going through them again so sorry for posting a pic of you eating, but no one ever looked better eating a chocolate cup cake!

I also didn't get a lot of time to chat with Vee but I visit her blog and I am telling you this hunny has scrap mojo like nobody's business! I have jacked a few things!
So that is it for Denver so far...funny Jessi and I must see each other too much cuz there was only ONE pic of us ha ha! Almost done that page!

for 52 weeks I am a couple days late posting the quote but better late than never and I loved this photo so I thought I would post it with it:
While we try to teach our children about life, our children teach us what life is all about. Angela Schwindt.

and one of my pics for 365 days...I loved this cake stand I bought for Ireland's birthday so i keep trrying to find ways to use it. I treated myself and 2 lucky recipients to some costco roses. They were so pretty I had to buy them!
So happy scrappin...if you want some happy mail, go here!

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Lynn said...

WOW!!!! That is an amazing album, gorgeous pages and your pictures are great!!!!